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Public Health is a discipline which involves acquisition of skills and competencies essential for the practice of health, promotion, protection and prevention of diseases. Public Health is a multidisciplinary field comprising medical and other health-related disciplines. The University of Port Harcourt School of Public Health was established to bridge current gaps in the training and practice of public health through facilitating the infusion of diverse resources needed for a successful and competitive school of public health. It provides an option of assisting the poor economic climate in the country which had stalmated growth in the staff strength in the traditional department of Preventive and Social Medicine under the Faculty of Clinical Sciences. Indeed, this School serves the purpose of providing a common platform for congregating highly skilled human resource both within and outside the University of Port Harcourt. This would provide value-added services beneficial but at minimal additional cost to the University.

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Brief History

The University of Port Harcourt School of Public Health was established in January 2019 by the Senate of the University, following a proposal by the Department of Preventive and Social Medicine of the Faculty of Clinical Sciences. The School is currently the only School of Public Health in Nigeria, as the other universities in the country with a semblance of a School of Public Health operate effectively as Faculty, and are thus subjected to severe staff restrictions in the running of their academic programmes. The University of Port Harcourt School of Public Health is different in that it is semi-autonomous, like the other academic Centers, Schools and Institutes of the University of Port Harcourt; able to set and collect its fees, and run its academic programmes, but subject to the rules and regulations of the University. The School therefore has the wherewithal to recruit and pay adhoc lecturers from outside the university, and from the industry, to lecture in its academic programmes. This gives the School an edge over the other universities in the country, in the recruitment of the rich talents in NGOs, private and public organizations in Nigeria, ensuring that it has world-class faculty, with diverse background, experience and training.



To be a highly-sought, world-class academic and professional programmes in various specialty of public health and midwifery/child health that are recognised for local relevance, international excellence and global impact in the field of public health.


To build a robust resource of highly skilled and motivated public health and midwifery/child health professionals who are equipped with current knowledge, skills and competencies required to improve the practice of public health and become managers and leaders in both the public and private health sectors.


The aim of the public health programme is to produce the highest quality Community and Public Health Specialists and academics who are able to implement and sustain quality Community and Public Health Interventions and programmes in all tiers of health care, within local environments and situations anywhere in the world.


The School was established with the following objectives:

  • To provide a vehicle for postgraduate programmes in most aspects of public health and community health, to meet the training and research needs of Nigeria and similar countries
  • To provide a platform that fosters collaboration between academic Departments and Faculties ofthe University of Port Harcourt in teaching, research and delivery of public health services
  • To run academic and professional postgraduate programmes that offer graduates career opportunities in public health.
  • To provide consultancy services; and
  • To provide community service


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